Open Kitchen, a ministry of Redmond United Methodist Church, has grown out of the belief that we are called to work acts of justice for our brothers and sisters throughout the world and in our local community in hopes of making a positive difference. Over time, a passion for feeding the hungry has often directed many service efforts at RUMC. The coordinators of Open Kitchen, Jayleen Ryberg, Kristen Muscott, and Shelia Kandeler, tapped into that passion, finding a particular calling to offer a community meal, to fill a void in our wider Redmond community. While we understand one meal per week can’t possibly begin to eradicate hunger, we believe that one meal means a child won’t go to bed hungry that night, that one meal brings much needed nutrition, that one meal brings hope, that one meal does make a difference. Thus, the primary goals of Open Kitchen are to promote a sense of community, marked by dignity and respect, to serve a warm meal, and to ensure that no one leaves hungry.